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Livestream Mix Template

A fully premixed digital audio workstation session optimized for worship livestream. Supports Logic Pro, Pro Tools, Ableton, Studio One, Cubase, and all other major DAWs. Over 700 sold.


Hybrid Mix

Hybridize and optimize your existing digital mixer for FOH, monitors and broadcast with proven mixing strategy. No additional hardware needed. Supports all major digital mixers.


TRIGGER 2 Platinum

Make your bad sounding drums sound good with one, simple plugin.

Free Installation

Customized Livestream Mix Solution

We’ll help you install your software, record stems, route the mix to your stream, an dial in your livestream mix especially for your church.

From: $500

Gospel Mix Template

A premixed DAW session tuned for Gospel music needs.


Auto-Tune Access

The absolute best choice for livestream vocal tuning || Chill on CPU and no plugin-level latency added.


X32 Hybrid Channel Strips

Over 100 complete channel strip presets to expand our Hybrid template. Compatible with all X32, X-AIR and M32 hybrid templates.


Waves Platinum

Contains most all plugins required for our PLUS templates.

$1,999 $250

Trigger Worship Presets

If you’ve ever used Trigger stock drum samples, you know they don’t, well, sound like worship. We’ve made some tweaks. to hear some examples, check out the videos on our All-Access template page.


CLA MixHub

An all-in-one SSL emulation plugin designed to mimic Chris Lord-Alge's workflow.

$199 $50

Vintage Essentials

Ludwig 26x10 kick Ludwig 14x10 snare Comes with multi-layer Slate Trigger patches

All-Access Template

Livestream mix session built with Slate Plugins.


Custom FOH Hybrid Setup

Send us your existing scene and we’ll tune it up and enhance it exactly for your needs. All digital mixers supported.

Broadcast Template for GarageBand

A simple, affordable solution to getting started mixing worship/livestream audio with included software on Mac.


X32 Stream Mix Template

Premixed scene for X32 dedicated for broadcast. Also works on any and all M32s.


Post-Production Mix Template

A premixed and mastered template developed with Slate Digital All Access Pass. Available only in Logic Pro X.


L2 Ultramaximizer

Super transparent volume maximizing, making your mixes loud while sounding clean.

$299 $50

Waves Tune Real-Time

Low latency, articulate vocal tuning by Waves.

$199 $40


Change keys of ALL Auto-Tune instantiations with one click.