All-Access Template

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Livestream mix session built with Slate Plugins.


Slate All-Access Pass subscription and Waves Gold subscription not included. Must purchase license on your own accord where applicable. 

“What third party plugins do I need to make this happen?”

  • Slate All-Access Pass
  • Steven Slate Trigger 2
  • Antares Tech AutoTune Access
  • Your DAW of choice
  • Waves Gold (if you want to use that template)

“What if I bought Waves Gold template? Or anything else?”

You may upgrade by paying the difference. We are working on an automated way for you guys to upgrade. For now, just reach out and we’ll get you a discount code!


Got question we haven’t answered yet? Shoot us an email. 

This template has been tested and found stable on a 2019 2.3 dual-c0re Mac, in and around a buffer-size of 256.

Not the most professional sounding “sys req.” tab, but if you’ve ever seen one ever, you know the information is quite useless.

Requires console with multichannel USB capability.

If you have success/failure stories related to system performance with ANYTHING you get from us, please reach out and tell us about it. We seek for the utmost transparency here, but we don’t know everything. We wish for this infromation to be as “living” as possible as per our integrity.

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  1. Alex Salazar

    Great product even better customer service.

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All-Access Template

Buy the plugins, too.

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TRIGGER 2 Platinum

TRIGGER 2 Advanced Drum Replacer by Steven Slate Drums

Auto-Tune Access

Essential Auto-Tune features w/o ilok

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