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Hybridize and optimize your existing digital mixer for FOH, monitors and broadcast with proven mixing strategy. No additional hardware needed. Supports all major digital mixers.

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Greatly improve your church audio – Hybrid Style

We’ve helped a lot of churches with our computer audio livestream template solution, in addition to our other mix templates with specific purposes. And while you want a dedicated mixer for all mix types, it is impractical for most. That’s why we developed the hybrid template.

Our hybrid template assists churches running only one digital mixer for three mixes – house, broadcast and monitors.

In fact, that’s most churches.

Additionally, we know people running sound half the time are pastors or worship leaders. Therefore, “set and forget” is extremely beneficial.

If that’s the case you’re in, our hybrid template is for you.

Be sure and check out our testimonials page and hear from many of our church clients.

The idea behind the hybrid template.

The strategy is to surgically remove commonly offensive frequencies between each particular channel/source to bring clarity across your mixer. Other tenants of this template include:

  • judicious EQ boosting
  • non-evasive gating
  • MINIMAL to no compression too much can affect musicians
  • tasteful, minimal FX


Though it’s not practical to get the BEST mix for multiple platforms with one digital console, you can get a very solid one. This is because each digital mixer only has one “channel strip” of settings per instrument or vocal. You can’t have a different EQ on your pastor’s mic for the house vs. the livestream, not with just one board.

The ONLY solution to this is that your settings need to sound as good and balanced as they can be.

What that means is that in order to improve your audio productions across the board, we must make that one channel strip the best it can be – and that’s why we call it the “hybrid” template.

If you’d like to explore a more pinpoint solution for your house, feel free to check out our customized FOH setup.

“But how does my room & PA factor into this template?”

Answer: it doesn’t. Allow me to explain.

All rooms sound different. No two rooms sound alike. Sound bounces of of the reflective surfaces and creates peaks and nodes (boosts and cuts) in certain frequencies based on the size of the room. However, this can be corrected via PA or room tuning.

Room Tuning

Room tuning fixes problems in your room and corrects them at the PA level. Or possibly even the master EQ level on your board. A lot of people make the mistake of reacting to room problems with their individual channel settings, making mixing much harder. When you get your room right, mixing is much easer.

And generally accepted mixing principles used in our mixing solutions make a lot more sense and create better translation.

If you sound worse with our template, it could be you have a room issue. Not ideal, but our template may help you write off your mix as your problem. That being said, we rarely find our clients report this to us. Don’t overthink this part; your system is probably fine and you just need a better optimized mix.

The Livestream

The sends for the livestream mix (set up as an aux/monitor mix) in the hybrid template run in a “post-fader” configuration. This means anytime you make an adjustment for your house mix, the same adjustment is also made in your livestream – simplifying mix adjustments for a a church with only one (or no) audio engineer.

Again, you’re not gonna get the ABSOLUTE BEST livestream mix this way. However, getting your channels in good shape will still improve your broadcast dramatically.

If you want to make it the absolute best, check out our computer audio mix template. You can also learn about how to implement that on our livestream solutions page. 

Your Monitor Mixes

For those of you using either wedges or in ears, we’ve already carved out some spots for that. No need to set those up completely, though you may have to do some slight customization. We left all the sends to monitor mixes down, as your musicians will want to customize all that to their likings.

As of personal monitoring systems, we didn’t try to predict what you would want on what channel – you’ll want to set those up.

In conclusion, if you’d like us to FULLY set up your board the same as your settings, just add the template setup to your order. Cheers!


Hybrid Template loads via USB drive or desktop editor.

*Requires custom setup (additional $120. Mixer must also be networked/controllable by app/computer)

If you don’t see your mixer on this list, email us and we’ll quote you on a customized solution.

Mixer Apps/Offline Editors

Wireless Router Recommendations

All these are solid. Just look and see what range you need based on router/mixer location and choose accordingly.

If you are not a person with any level of networking/IT confidence, WE STRONGLY RECOMMEND YOU NOT incorporate your audio router meant to connect devices to your mixer with your greater internet/data or Dante networks. Simply:

  1. power up the router
  2. wire your board directly into the dedicated audio router
  3. connect your phone/tablet/computer to the router
  4. ensure your board is set to “DHCP” in networking settings

99/100 your mixing application will find your mixer automatically.

In the event your main/only internet router or a wired connection to your main network is available near your board, by all means network it that way. But if not, we stress the above instructions. If you’re still having issues, check out more specific instructions based on your board below!

Networking Instructions

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  1. Miranda

    This thing is super solid. Absolutely no complaints. We loaded it up and our broadcast and house mix got instantly better. 100% recommend.

  2. Sean Silveira

    Once I got a good nights sleep, and a good chat with the folks here I was able to get this up and running in no time. So worth it if you are just moving into the X32 series, say from the XR18 like I did, or you have been struggling with a mix. Just needed to do a few gain tweaks and it was already at the same level that took me multiple hours a week to dial my XR18 to. Seriously spent more time just playing around and listening than having to do any work. Thanks!!

  3. Myron

    The X32 hybrid template is a beast. It make me things extremely easy and helps with the confusion that can come with audio, especially for live stream. This sets you up for success. For us that have small churches and can’t afford to have multiple mixers or even multiple people, this is a God send. Thank to the guys for making this accessible for us!

  4. Chris Sanchez

    This template is STELLAR!!! It’s super easy to get loaded into your consul and you will notice the results immediately.
    Our whole crew is volunteer-based, this is super intuitive, so that was a huge factor for me.
    To take it a step further, the way they used the x30 to onboard affects for things such as vocals, is amazing! It just makes your mix sound so much more lively both on the broadcast and FOH! It will definitely deliver a great product for your congregation!


    Awesome template

  6. James

    I bought this template and it works right out the box. It works very good! I would recommend this to anyone who has x32.

    Xair works great also!

  7. Mark Chouhan

    Super easy to use.

  8. Matthew

    Really great product ! Improved our house mix by 100%

  9. Collin Horton

    Template performs satisfactorily. I was able to use the channel strip/Bus presets to adapt the template to our setup. Our broadcast mix has never sounded better!

  10. Oscar Trevino

    Presets are on point and very useful my our worship needs.

  11. Jacob Lozano

    This template makes your FOH sound 10x better! Loved it!

  12. Jeremy Henderson

    The product is fantastic, however I would recommend to the worshiptracks.live team to provide the additional information that comes in the pdf instructions regarding the “plug and go” thought that is inherent in the current product page communication. Letting people know that if they have a current set up “scene” on the X32 that they will need to readjust their inputs on their stage boxes in order to match the download would be helpful. For churches who have smaller tech budgets this might involve a purchase of extra cabling to do so (especially if using multiple stage boxes) in order to adjust their inputs to the templates parameter set up. Great product. Great team. Thank you!

  13. Anonymous

    Have not used the template yet, but the customer service has already been top notch!

  14. Christian Corriveau

    This template is really cool and helpful!

  15. john wojciechowski

    Super easy to install and get going

  16. Edgar

    Im using the hybrid for the TF5, it’s amazing.. it help a lot for our broadcast, now we’re almost ready to move on to get even better with protools and will definitely get that template.. beyond perfect

  17. iWorship

    Great sound but is there a file for the A&H QU Series, I don’t see it ?

  18. Scott Jagodzinske

    Good Price

  19. Zack

    Awesome product! I love the product and very reliable and easy to use! Definitely looking to get more product from you guys!

    • Corey Lester

      Thank you so much Zack! We are glad the template is working well for you! Let us know if we can assist you with anything else in the future!

  20. Samuel F.

    It was quite challenging at first, but it worked the way it’s supposed to work.
    Love the way everything is setup.


    Yesss… as a Tech Director in my Church this was the solution to a big problem. And our problem was How to give 100% to FOH and Livestream mix with just one person. The mix sounds amazing online and FOH it gave it a spark that it was missing! I recommend this product all the way specially if you only have one person to almost do it all. This is a must have for any small to medium church that is struggling with volunteers, specially in the audio department. Don’t hesitate and get it you can always tweak it to your setting but this template gives you what you need straight out the box! I am very pleased with this purchase.

  22. Jonathan B.

    Solid template. Really helped us get started with our new x32 at the church. Only thing that may be a little more helpful would be if the instructions covered copying channels and pasting them a little more in-depth. I wanted to customize channel locations a bit, and had trouble figuring out that I needed to make sure all elements of the channel needed to be copied, and how to do that.

  23. Maurice Anderson

    Good mix

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