Setup Included

You’ll receive a one-hour setup support call where we help you get everything set up, connected and routed properly for full implementation of our mix solution.

Livestream Mix Template
Livestream Mix Template
Livestream Mix Template
Livestream Mix Template
Livestream Mix Template
Livestream Mix Template

Livestream Mix Template

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The Process

As long as you have a current digital mixer and a computer, we can help you improve your livestream.

Upon purchase, we’ll help you get the right software installed and get everything connected and routed properly. We’ll send you our calendar and let you select a time that works for you to get set up. 

If you don’t know DAW software to select, we’ll give you some free recommendations to keep expenses down. 

How to set it up.

In this video, we cover how to configure an X32 with Logic, Pro Tools, Ableton, and Studio One to use our Livestream Mix Template. You can also check out our Livestream Audio Guide for an extremely comprehensive explanation on how this entire solution works.

Lite Sounds

(I’m clearly a big Logic fan, but all DAW templates are identical settings.)

We started this company on an intense love and respect for how great EXISTING mixing tools that come with each DAW are. This template will get you great results, and you won’t have to buy any additional plugins to accomplish it.

Plus Sounds

We’re using next-level tools here. These are the plugins we stand by and use every day at our churches and for the churches we consult for

The plugins we are using are:

  • Waves SSL E-Channel
  • Waves CLA-76
  • Waves C6
  • Waves PuigTec EQs
  • Waves Hybrid Reverb
  • Antares Tech Auto-Tune Access
  • Antares Tech Auto-Key
  • Steven Slate Trigger 2


All plugins are included with our Plus Template w/plugins option. We resell all these plugins are we are selling them at competitive prices, but feel free to check up on that!

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Lite, Plus, Plus w/plugins

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35 reviews for Livestream Mix Template

  1. Joey Yandell

    Great template and great customer service!!

  2. Jeremy

  3. Andrew Carranco

    We have been working with Clayton at Worship Tracks Live for about 2 months now. We are appreciative of the great customer service and love the quality of work. We highly recommend their services.

  4. Myron Austin

    Great product. Helped me out trying to make things easier for my church. Customer service is awesome as well. Very attentive and will work with you until your issues are resolved.

  5. Tyler

    Killer! These guys are great.

  6. Colton

    Their custom broadcast template is a game changer! It will take anyone from 0 to 100 instantly! Highly recommended!

  7. Matt Littlejohn

    This template is an incredible tool for churches to instantly get a better sounding livestream mix!

  8. Michael Morley

    We’ve been working to improve our broadcast mix and this is the perfect solution! It has drastically improved our quality. We had some issues figuring out the best way to route everything with our board and they instantly got back to us with solutions. Highly recommend these guys!!!

  9. Joe Gonzalez

    Awesome to work with! Great template! They keep it simple so people without much experience can understand.

  10. Jacob Lozano

    One of the best choice I ever did for my church livestream! Plug and play! The 3.0 template is beyond amazing! Thankful with this company! 🤟🏼

  11. Jordan Hargrave

    Honestly, I cannot say ENOUGH about these guys over here at! Killin’ it with these templates! So helpful to our church and our live/post edit mixes! Thanks guys!

  12. James Kim

    Bought this a month ago. Its awesome. Its a great tool for you to get your hands get wet. If you are not familiar with mixing with daw, this is a great tool for you to learn from the best sounding mix. It also sounds great when you are doing broadcast

  13. Ryan Hung

    I’m a one man team at a local church in Vancouver. When we started pre-recording the sermon and the worship for online church, I got panicked. I knew how to record and edit the video; but I had no idea how to edit the sound from the worship team recording. It sounded bad and I needed an affordable solution. Thank God I found and bought their Logic Pro X template. It made our worship recording sound great and the customer service is hands down the best experience I’ve had! Highly recommended!

  14. Mark

    This is a great template for churches to use to bring their production to the next level. It is great.

  15. Anthony

    It was very easy to just drag and drop my files into the session. A simple and affordable solution! We were all very pleased with the results!

  16. Lyle Fashant

    Very impressed and happy that I purchased this. Makes my life a lot easier and I don’t have to spend hours looking for presets, plugins, and testing them out. Definitely would recommend and worth the expense.

  17. John Hume

    This template has helped with our live stream sound!
    The help I received from this group has been fantastic.

  18. Oscar Doblado

    Perfect product for what we wanted/needed to do, made my broadcast mix sound from mediocre to semi professional!

  19. Joe Freeman

    Most of the automatic plug ins are great right off the bat. Would love if the reverb and delay effects were on a bus that could control the amount without controlling the volume.

  20. subarna

    I bought this mix template . I am really blessed

  21. Anonymous


  22. Benji W.

    Love this template

  23. Nathan T.

    A very helpful tool, the bundle provides some much flexibility. Really takes the mix to the next level.

  24. Mike Fisher

    Very helpful in helping volunteers get a solid mix.

  25. Jefry Gomez


  26. William A.

    Loving the sound!

  27. Simone Buonocore

    Very best starter mix for live!

  28. Perry Friesen

    Great Starting point, easy to tweak



  30. Mark F.

    this is a great template for improving my livestream sound!

  31. Caleb Gall

    Sounds excellent.

  32. Timothy S.

    This template was not only easy to implement but made our livestream mix sound WAY better. Clayton and the team here are top notch. Thank you guys!

  33. Andrew

    Amazing addition to our church service.

  34. Edgar Ogarrio


  35. Eric

    This has been so helpful for our church!

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