Mobile Broadcast Template

Fully capable and functional livestream template that runs on iOS app Cubasis 3.


We’ve taken broadcast audio and put it on iOS, making great livestream mixing even more accessible in your house of worship AND on the go.

Simply connect to your iPad or iPhone to your board via USB adapter (be sure you get one that has a charge port so that your device doesn’t die!), assign your inputs in Cubasis, hit the global monitor button in the bottom right of the mixer, and you’re processing live!

Getting next level worship audio has truly ever been easier.

Mix Type




A premixed Cubasis 3 session containing channels for:

  • Drums
  • Bass
  • Acoustic
  • Electric
  • Keys
  • Multitracks
  • Vocals
  • Crowd Mics

We have even included a short demo clip from one of our partners, Lomax Assembly of God to help you truly see right out of the box how good this thing sounds.

While Cubasis can only have 24 SIMULTANEOUS audio inputs, you are not limited to 24 channels for your broadcast. When sending the Cubasis mix back to your digital mixer, you can just incorporate your computer/announcement audio, extra MC handhelds, or any other audio you may need straight from the board to send to your livestream. It’s that easy.

[ytplayer id=3556]

Even if you’re still running an analog board, you can simply DIRECT OUT of each individual channel into an external device such as a Presonus recording interface, plug it into your iPad/iPhone, and get great sounding audio WITHOUT the costly upgrade of a digital mixing console.

Contact Us about special pricing on Presonus interfaces for this setup!

From Cubasis Website:


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