Live Racks

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Live Racks

Premixed rack templates for Waves SuperRack, MainStage 3, Ableton Live, Reaper, and Live Professor 2. Mixed with all Waves Gold plugins.


Worship Mix Update Plan

Fresh templates each month using new plugins, fx, and strategies to keep your mix relevant.

Template Setup

We remote into your computer and help you get everything connected and routed properly.

How it works:

  1. A signal is sent via USB, Dante, or an AES50 to USB adapter to the computer
  2. You assign an input to the channel (input 1 in SuperRack for channel 1, and output 1 to same channel)
  3. The audio from your console is processed in the rack
  4. The signal is sent back to your console, and your console channel is then processed with Waves plugins.


We’ve also created approximately 5-8 presets per rack, one rack unique for each instrument, giving you the opportunity to mix and match,¬†audition, and ultimately make YOUR own decision about what is the right sound for you.