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Optimizes your existing digital mixer for FOH, monitors and broadcast. No additional hardware needed.


A lot of folks buy into the myth that you need a separate mixer for broadcast.

That can be helpful if you ALSO have a second skilled engineer. If you don’t, it really is just more to deal with and will actually get you WORSE results.

Our hybrid template is designed to assist churches running only one digital mixer for three mixes – FOH, broadcast and monitors.

Most churches.

We also understand that most people running sound half the time are pastors or worship leaders. Therefore “set and forget” is extremely beneficial.

If that’s the case you’re in, this is for you.

The strategy we engineered this template with is to surgically remove commonly offensive frequencies between each particular channel/source to bring consistent clarity across the entire board. Other tenants of this template include:

  • judicious EQ boosting to enhance where necessary but still avoid feedback
  • Non-evasive gating to act as an “auto-mute” for when no music is coming through but not too strong that it engages unnecessarily.
  • MINIMAL to no compression. This is key as in many situations, compression can affect how a musician or speaker performs, especially when they are not used to it.
  • Tasteful, minimal FX – and you can manipulate levels separately for each mix.


Template loads via USB drive or desktop editor.

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  1. Mark Chouhan

    Super easy to use.

  2. Christian Corriveau

    This template is really cool and helpful!

  3. iWorship

    Great sound but is there a file for the A&H QU Series, I don’t see it ?

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Questions and answers of the customers

  1. A We can build a custom hybrid template for that.
  2. A This is a whole-console overhaul. It is designed to improve any mix needed from just one console. It may not get you the results of a dedicated broadcast mix, but it is intended for people who don’t have that as an option.
  3. A Yes it does. We don't sell that individually anymore.
  4. A Yes it will. All X32s use the exact same software and thus this template will work for that board.
  5. A Yes it will. We have included a scene specifically built with an X Air 18.
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Hybrid Template

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