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Our one-on-one consultation service. 

This is not a downloadable template. This is a fully custom-designed mix for your church. 

Step 1

We remote into your computer, install the software you need, and get everything routed to record your next service. 

Step 2

We take that recording and mix it to your liking specifically. We also will give you any feedback or instruction that may be needed based on the quality of your tracks.

Step 3

When you're happy with the mix, we put it back on your system and set it up to run live. 

Also includes a one-hour training session with you and your team on how to set up and maneuver the new livestream setup. 


    • Waves SSL E-Channel
    • Waves SSL G-Comp
    • Waves Puigtec EQs
    • Waves S1
    • Waves C6