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We exist to empower any and all churches to achieve excellence in audio and production with our worship mix solutions. We strive to take our collective skills & experience and leverage them into your church so help you achieve your goals in ways you could not alone. It is our passion and life’s work to exist on the tip of the spear of technology and give this knowledge to the church and we look forward to an opportunity to work more closely with you. 

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Our worship mix solutions revolve around computer audio. We take tools like digital audio workstations and the flexibility of digital mixers and create great mixes without even having to come to your church.

Most of our work happens remotely; we do the work in our studios and drop them into your church, saving you money in expensive site visits with consultants.

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Drum Replacement in Worship Mix Solutions

Drum replacement plays a HUGE role in our worship mix solutions. It can additionally help yours. While we love getting great drum sounds right from the mic, drum replacement can truly take your drum sounds to another level. Check out our blog post detailing how this solution works. 

Our Latest Project

We loved bringing our worship mix solutions to this team. They were such a joy to work with at every phase and expressed such gratitude for our partnership. If you’d like to learn more about how you can partner with us and get these results, head over to our consultation page and submit the form!

A little about our Sound Booth School.


So, I’ve really messed up a lot. I mean a lot. I’m not getting all dramatic and having a moment lamenting over something I did in the 7th grade; I’m talking about in what I do. And what I do is mix audio.

To repeat myself, I’ve messed it up a lot. I’ve made about a million and one really bad mixes that over time just continued to get less and less bad.

Eventually, (hopefully) they got to where people may actually want to listen to them.

The Present

All of this led to whatever Worship Tech is – me doing what I love for a living because I didn’t give up and actually got really good at it.

You see, I’m saying all this to make one very big point – you gotta make a whole lot of mistakes and do a whole lot of BAD WORK to learn how to do good work.

You’ve gotta make a whole lot of bad mixes to make good mixes.

Learning From MY Mistakes

However, what if it were possible for me to provide you an opportunity to learn from my mistakes and just learn the good stuff?

Well. I’ve tried my best to do that. And it’s something called Sound Booth School.

Our Learning Platform Resource

I’ve created quite a number of courses that specifically dive into the nuts and bolts of utilizing computer audio mixing in your church – something that I still do every day.

And I want to empower you with info and learning that I possibly can that I came about the hard way – so that you don’t have to.

At an affordable monthly rate that anyone can afford – because I believe learning should be available and attainable by anyone on any budget.

Worship Tech Owner – Clayton