Livestream Mix Template
Livestream Mix Template

Livestream Mix Template

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How It Works

In order to improve your worship livestream audio, it is critical to create a dedicated, livestream mixing platform. This can be done by buying a second digital console such as an X32, and tie it into your existing one. However, this can be very expensive. 

What we recommend is connect a computer via USB to your digital mixer and utilize a digital audio workstation such as Logic Pro, Pro Tools, Ableton, Studio One or Reaper to create this livestream mix platform. For more info on how to set a computer audio mixing system up, see the videos.

      Our Lite Template

      This premixed, preconfigured session contains all the instrument/vocal channels, processing and FX that you need to create a great livestream audio mix. It also runs on included plugins that come with your DAW of choice, keeping expenses down for your church. 

      Our Plus Template

      For those who want to get next-level results with pro-grade plugins, we have our Plus template. We use industry-standard Waves plugins, drum replacement and vocal tuning.

      Plugins used are:

      • Waves SSL E-Channel
      • Waves SSL G-Comp
      • Waves C6
      • Waves CLA-76
      • Waves S1
      • Waves API 2500
      • Waves Puigtec EQs
      • Antares Auto-Tune Access
      • Steven Slate Trigger 2